Leadferno Logo

Aaron Weiche on Lead🔥ferno, his new business texting & messaging app startup:

The vision for Leadferno is to help businesses and consumers make delightful connections at speed. Email feels slow, phone calls are taxing and that’s not how consumers prefer to get answers, help and solutions anymore…We’re designing a better, faster and easier communication experience using business messaging.

Business messaging is about leveraging SMS and the messaging tools from Facebook, Instagram and Google. We’re building Leadferno to help businesses leverage messaging in powerful and efficient ways that far exceed an email exchange. It’s time to offer consumers the channels they prefer to communicate on.

While we will offer a great core of messaging features when we launch, it’s just the start. We have big ideas, a great team and a passion to make things happen.

As someone who has been trying for weeks to get in touch with the someone at a local flooring store via phone and email to no avail, Aaron’s raison d’etre for Leadferno rings true:

Leadferno started from a series of “why can’t I” questions. In being part of the digital marketing and software industries for 20 years now, I’ve built hundreds of websites, digital marketing campaigns and worked with tens of thousands of businesses globally on their customer experience. Lastly, I’m a consumer as well and a four day experience just to get a price quote on a boat from a…

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