So you have a WordPress site. But are you at the top of Google? No? Here’s how you can be. No tricks, no sales. Just 100% tactics..

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  1. I noticed for the Key words when you were doing Tiny Pugs, you only put in 1 phrase or 2 words. I always thought we should put as many as we can that are actually on the page that apply to this page?

    So we only do 1 word or 1 phrase per page?


  2. Question: There is a URL that I want to buy but it's super expensive because it has a huge SEO/Traffic Key Wording… People google this phrase a lot. But they want $2,500 for it.

    What if I buy the same thing but put my name on the end or another word so I can basically buy the same URL for cheaper. Will this get me a lot of traffic?

  3. Great video. Though just because you like baby pugs doesn't mean it should be your keyword. Yoast's keyword suggestions are longer-tail phrases with less competition so you're more likely to rank for them (generally speaking) whereas if you Google "baby pugs" you'll be competing with a Youtube video with 1,000,000+ views and will probably never rank for it. Long-tail keywords and analyzing search results should be done to avoid competitive keywords.

  4. Great video Tod, but I have a question regarding the "Sitelinks". How is possible to create sitelinks under the "Data Highlighter" link, while I'm reading over several articles that more or less "google doesn't say how to get sitelinks, and while there is the "Sitelinks" section in Google's Webmaster Tools???
    My wife is running a makeup brushes website and I was trying to follow your instructions regarding the sitelinks. The process is going through highlighting pictures, name of product, prices etc, which is seems kinda irrelevant with how a sitelink looks like!!!

  5. Hi Tod, this is such a wonderfully put together video. Thank you so much. I had a question regarding data highlighter. I have a rather new site and I am new at SEO! I was able to download the Yoast plugin and everything. However, when I go to the Google data highlighter, it says that my URL cannot be found in the Google Index. How do I fix this problem? Thank you.