WordPress Onpage SEO Explained – How-to Do It RIGHT!!!
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WordPress Onpage SEO Explained – How-to Do It RIGHT!!!

Please watch: “How-to Make A WordPress Website 2016 In 60 Minutes – Business or Restaurant, Create Build Develop”
→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j1NzwuBvSw

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  1. Thank you for this video. You explain a lot of what I need. I am thanking you. My web designers could never help me on most of this. I hope you don't mind if I go over this video several times. I want to go to the video on "Editing the footer." I have had many problems in not knowing how to get the most out of Yoast. You are taking me a giant step forward. Thanks again. Sincerely, Jerry kyle

  2. I have been running websites for over 5 years and had so many emails asking for money to do this. after watching this I feel I can now do th basic seo well presented and in simple terms. Thanks and when I have got more time I will look at more of your videos.

  3. Here I am watching this realizing I'm going to have to change the footer code to get that sitemap link in there haha. Don't you index on google search console also?

  4. Hello WpCrafter, first of all, thanks for all your videos they are great. One question do you use the same Title and Description for each of the pages of one website or do you change them depending on the content of each page? For example ABOUT US will have the same title and description as SERVICES? Thank you and keep the good work.

  5. thanks brother im new in this, 4 of your tutorials helped me so much. Now im still building my website yousing wordpress. if i want to move my webiste to another webhost what can i do. is it impossible to export all my staff to a new domain and install wordpress after that and import my content. is it impossable ?? – Sir

  6. Hi Adam,
    Your video tutorials are a ton of value, I really appreciate your work. Now,
    I am using Elementor as a page builder to build my pages and I just can't get my head around as to how I can use Yoast to optimise the content of the pages. Could you tell me how I go about doing that?

  7. How adding xml sitemap on wordpress page actually helps just want to know background? I mean how sitemap helps in seo for example? 🙂

    Please make more videos on SEO and teach us technical aspect by performing them.