I was just looking for info on a local restaurant to hit in Pleasanton tonight and noticed this obnoxious message from Wix:

Even if Tri Valley Bistro has a free Wix site, is this any way to treat a customer? Do you think Tri Valley Bistro’s customers either would be interested in creating a Wix site or even care/know what Wix is?

If they are like me, they probably want to know what’s for dinner or how to get a table.

If you are a local business that set up a free site on Wix, I imagine the data shows that the more you see that message getting in between you and your customers, the more you are likely to want to upgrade to Wix Extortion or whatever they call their product that allows a business to remove this intrusive crap. What a great way to build customer loyalty.

Not surprising that Wix is great at doling out suggestions for how SMB sites can hurt customer conversion and then totally ignore their own recommendations:

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