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  1. before I start the video, what payment method would you choose if you are researching keywords and are new to ppc? EDIT: I'm taking this in consideration so even if I get a response that doesn't fit my situation, I have an idea of what can/cannot work 🙂

  2. Can I get a family discount for your course jk bro love all your videos great content I need to get your course and run a product by you in the process of getting a patent surprised monster hasn't sponsored you yet lol

  3. Hello Tanner I was wondering when would you be considering increasing your price for your course. I have been obsessed with your channel and how your helping your students within the course. I am interested towards your course only problem I been saving and don't want to be to late to obtain your course at the current price is their a deadline towards the price please? I am trying hard so any information would help!

  4. if I were to choose the 2 payments of $275 for your course, would that be looked in for payment in the future, so that second payment wouldn't increase when your course price does or anything like that?

  5. I really wanted to see your opinion on Kevin(Ninja Guy) and well said! He's really good and more advance. If someone needs to start FBA as a beginner Tanner's course is the right place to start. And yes, he has little expensive in depth advanced stuff in his courses so if you like, that's a good next step!