There’s no doubt that quite a bit has changed about SEO, and that the field is far more integrated with other aspects of online marketing than it once was. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand pushes back against the idea that effective modern SEO doesn’t require any technical expertise, outlining a fantastic list of technical elements that today’s SEOs need to know about in order to be truly effective.



  1. would like to see a well structured "technical moz seo" channel with "how too's" plus related useful tools , apps and reads for each technical subject discussed in the video , in the near future

  2. Great video. This has been my complaint!!! for years– of the reason why writers should not get so involved in this field. They have a HUGE voice and impact on what happens in the SEO world (and digital marketing in general). Some of them are even considered experts. The reason why is because most technical people don't have the storytelling skills as writers do. But one thing is that they write and comment on SEO, and another entire thing is when they appoint themselves experts and have a huge following (the case of Moz video). Very dangerous and it has caused a lot of harm to the SEO community. It's not only this guy Jason, but there are hundreds of writers doing this– writers like from Forbes or entrepreneur.

    In fact, I predicted this 10 years go, that writers and good storytellers were going to take over this industry–and I was right.

  3. OH Jayson DeMers!!!! hahah I know him. I've been reading his stuff. Recently, I even wrote about him and corrected him on some things he was wrong on a post he wrote– for entrepreneur magazine that were totally inaccurate. He made me question my marketing degree and my SEO career altogether, in that being a writer gives you more credibility than skills or knowledge lol– no offense but it is true many cases.