Is it worth paying money to promote your YouTube channel? And if it is, when do you know it’s time to start putting money and a budget behind it for promotion on Adwords for Video and TrueView campaigns or something else? We’ll talk about when you know it’s a good time to promote your channel and when you should probably wait.

Should I Buy Views an YouTube Subscribers?

3 Traits of a Highly Subscribable YouTube Channel

1. No music nor sound effects.
2. No text nor logos.
3. Keep it brief.
4. Include your name and channel URL in the “message” field.
5. Upload your video here:

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  1. Thanks for the video Tim. Your videos are always really helpful and I appreciate that! I make travel vlogs and will be spending two months hiking mountains in Colorado this summer, followed by 3 months backpacking through SE Asia. Hope I can apply all your useful information and help my channel grow! Thanks again man!

  2. I've been watching a lot of your videos and it's been super helpful.  I just uploaded my first video, and I was planning to kick start my channel with Adwords.  I planned to do this because most Koreans aren't familiar with the topic of my videos, but I think they would be interested in they knew about it.  My channel is about traveling the world by campervan.  It's definitely not something Korean's would search for.  Anyway, just wondering what you think?

  3. I agree with your video. I used Google Ad Words and at first I was so excited to see all of the traffic and even an increase in subcribers. I mean when you go from 200 views on a video to 4,000 what's not to be happy about. But the problem I found is that it only looks good on the surface. When I actually examined these new found subscribers they just weren't real. You can tell a real YouTube page from a fake one. And most of them were from foreign countries which made me question them more because there is nothing about my video content that is intended for or of any interest to foreign viewers.

    I then went out to compare my number of views to other channels that had similar views and it just wasn't adding up in the amount of likes/dislikes and comments. It makes me wonder what AdWords definition of a view actually is.

    And then the third depressing thing was when I viewed my Analytics and saw the amount of time that these so called new viewers were actually spending watching my videos. It was ridiculous. It was almost as if someone from AdWords just viewed the video for a few seconds just to get a "fake view number" on the counter and then clicked off.

    You would like to think that if you paid for a service you would get something real out of it. I have used advertising many times in my life but this has to be the first time I feel some what scammed. There is just something not right about it. I have even called them and had someone coach be through the ad process just in case I was doing something wrong and it was still BS!

    I wasn't looking for a miracle or anything but just a boost. I would rather pay for it and see new views and no new subcribers than to see fake ones. I just don't believe that AdWords is the way to go. And in the long run the only thing that will work is the blood sweat and tears of hard work, putting the time in and some luck. No one gets discovered over night. That's just my experience.

  4. What you said made a lot of sense. I think I'm a long way off from making engaging content. I'm doing Let's Plays and I really need to work on being more engaging. My first videos were pretty rough but it just keeps getting better with each video. At least I feel it is. So why pay to promote a channel when you're first starting out and you haven't gotten really good at your craft yet. Makes perfect sense.

  5. I've used AdWords on a couple videos but I found the audience on them specific videos were all from Vietnam which made me heavily distrust AdWords. Lately I've set the specific locations to U.S and U.K and get barely any views from it. What do you think?

  6. I don't think the advice is great. Saying you should only pay if your channel is growing is bad advice, as people cant find it in the first place. If you believe your content is watchable, pay AdWords to promote it and people will watch and subscribe! 💯

  7. Thanks for your advice, I just opened a makeup channel (107 subs) . Im trying to do great quality videos for the audience, since I have so much rivalry out there with the makeup channels! Im trying to thinking in how increase my views and subs, not the money I'll get right now, but is really difficult anyway, so any other advice that someone can share with me and us will be appreciated! :)I think that strategies are strategies, so I am open to hear other thoughts. You are welcome to come and view my channel, (Im not saying this for a subs thing, Im only tell you this to hear your sincere opinion about the quality etc) This is can be for all the people that really want to help small youtubers like me.. thank you so much guys!!!

  8. I have to i have another channel in which I had no idea on how to get it off the ground, so I decide to take Some advice as to have my channel focus on a certain subject instead of jumping all over the place. So I decide to branch out and Create this new channel AZ xGAMEPLAY in which I just launched last week, I am trying to follow Tims advice and it seems to be working as I am noticing all my videos increasing on views and watch time! I want to create a community in which my audience can come and interact with them and maybe help someone overcome a situation.

  9. I started a channel for my son and although it's been only a couple months,I am concerned that it won't grow… especially because I invested a lot in it.. I would appreciate any feedback anyone has.. it's called jujus toy zone.. please let me know what needs to change… thanks!

  10. Video very userful! So i have a question! I started my youtube channel! And i want more view and subscribe, so i can use google adwords for promote my video, Does it violate the rules of youtube? Please help!

  11. Hey Tim of Video Creators! Thanks for this video, learned a lot! I am subscribed. I totally agree with what you said, although I want to bring up that I was able to boost views for some of my views with Google AdWords which really helped with its ranking in the searches. My channel has been up for about 3 weeks and one of my videos is about to break 10k views. Been watching a lot of your videos and just want to say thank you again! You are a blessing! Cheers! – Blake

  12. Coming from the business world, it is usually best to wait to pay for advertising to "put gas on a fire", meaning only spending money on a successful channel/business. This is because you want to avoid "chasing bad money with good money". This means that you do not want to put money into something unless you know it is successful. By only putting money into an already successful business/channel you are ensuring that your money will have a return on investment. This is because advertisements will only bring people to your channel but good content will keep them watching. If you channel is not successful yet, you do not have proof (to yourself) that you content is engaging enough to warrant advertisement. Hope this helps, and if you want more tips check my channel where I explain everything finance from business to personal. (Business videos are coming soon)