In this video we are going to answer the question “What is Link Building?”

Links are critical to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success. To work effectively and efficiently, it’s imperative that we are able to clearly communicate the concept of link building.

The 5 W’s of Link Building

The What: Link building is creating a hyperlink between one website and another, capable of directing traffic.

The Why: Google’s core algorithm, which powers their search, is based upon links — therefore the more links you have from relevant and authoritative websites, the more visible your website will be within search.

The How: By using proven strategies to convince another site owner it is in their, or their visitor’s, best interest to provide a link to another website.

The When: Link building largely gained popularity with the rise of Google, who based their fundamental algorithms around links, and is still vital to SEO today.

The Who: SEOs and website owners working to increase traffic to their site through Google.

The Simple Definition

Link building is a very niche industry, part of SEO. SEO is vital to a website’s performance in search engines such as Google and Bing, which direct a healthy portion of the internet’s traffic.
In the simplest terms, link building is the process of creating a link from one website to another website.

Link builders work to convince other site owners to link to their client’s website, in a manner optimal to their SEO efforts.
There are several different methods of linking:

A bare or naked link. This is just the full URL. Example would be
A citation link example would be:
An anchor text link is just a clickable text such as Page One Power or even click here.
An image link: an image linked to a web address
A short link:

Why bother with link building? One word: Google.

In this video we answered the question What is link building. In the next video we are going to talk about Why Links Matter.