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Video seo is becoming more popular and right now you can rank videos WAY easier than a website. But, Google is cracking down on website that use bad tactics to rank websites. Although video has not been hit too hard, the algorithm changes targeting video ARE coming. When? I don’t know, but they will come. Ranking your video properly will lead to your videos remaining rank during algorithm changes, remained ranked for longer periods of time, and get ranked easier.

The first step is always finding your keywords. Finding the best keywords can make or break your video. You need to create a video around a certain keyword, if you don’t how will people find your video? You want to create videos around topics that people are actually look for online. This is will position to get views!

After determining the keyword you want to make sure use it in the script! If you have a video talking about video marketing, then use the phrase video marketing in your video! YouTube and Google will listen to what you are using in your video!

Before uploading your video you should rename the file name with your keyword. If I was trying to get ranked for video seo then I would title my video something like video-seo.mp4

The next thing you want to do when ranking your video is putting in the proper title and description on YouTube. When you do this you are telling Google and YouTube exactly what your video is all about! The first part of your title is the most important, you will want to make sure your keyword is in the title.

After you fill in title and description you need to put in some tags. You want to just put in your main keywords. Do not put in a ton of keywords. It will not help you rank for more keywords when you enter in more tags.

The next thing you want to do is build your channel and use playlists. After uploading your video put it in a playlist that is titled your keyword. The more subscribers and active you are the easier you can rank. The more your video is used in playlists the higher you will rank. You can put them in your own playlists, that’s what I do!

Now you need to get social indicators. This are things like Facebook likes, Pinterest pins, Twitter shares, Google plus’s and more. The easiest way to do this is by sharing your video on your own social sites. Or you can use our viral video marketing technique which can be found here:

Lastly, you need to build backlinks to your video. This would be things like article marketing, wiki backlinks, document sharing sites, social bookmarking and more. The wider variety of back links the better. Backlinks are one of the biggest indicators when ranking your videos and is one of the most important steps of video seo.

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  1. Thanks, this video is very informative and helpful to those Youtube users who want to rank their videos on Google and Youtube. It is really important to learn the SEO techniques and strategies to successfully rank videos on page one of Google and Youtube search engine. With the right knowledge and effective tools, everyone can do this in just a matter of hours.

  2. hi Brandon i have a question to you, why my channel is name null in youtube analytics? i''m active, posting video 3 times in week but nobody cant find me and my analytics profile is name null.. What can i do with it?

  3. I have a youtube channel which is doing really good. And in my video description i use tags apart from the tagging box. And the search ranking of my channel is good. But i recently learned that using tags in the description is against the youtube terms. I dont want to lose the search ranking of my channel. What i want to know is if i remove the tags from my video description is there a chance that i will lose the search ranking of my channel

  4. Thank you for this very helpful information! when starting out on YouTube it is tough to know how to build your channel and views and can get very frustrating. I found this so helpful and some of your other videos as well. Thank you so much!!!

  5. Really useful video – thanks guys! I couldn't help but wonder just how much effort goes into making something like this, the tools needed, editing, acting skills 😉 etc….great job and highly informative..certainly gave me some actionable tips to implement/test. Best wishes 🙂

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  7. Sir, can you make these videos again? But in that video, how do you make us a video then upload and tags, descriptions, how to enter the title, our video rank is uploading us video and showing me my winnings