A concept we’ve covered regularly is what we call flywheel marketing, where the organic traffic, shares, and links you get from publishing one piece of content makes it easier for later pieces to see some success. One of the key pieces of that flywheel is the ability to get those social shares, and based on a recent study, we’re ready to admit it: We were completely wrong about that key piece.

In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains why, and that the real value may lie in engagement.



  1. Bro you are VERY WRONG about this one and here's why:

    A friend of mine is paying on fb groups with large number of likes to share his content. From this he usually gets like 5k to 10k clicks from a single share. I just checked his webmaster tools panel and he ranks in Google for over 400 keywords and almost 40% of his overall traffic is coming from search even tough he knows 0 about SEO.