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  1. Hi there!

    I've not I idea what I'm doing wrong, but I don't have access to keyword planner.Every time I follow the keyword planner link I'm asked to create new campaign and pay for it! How can I access keyword planner?

  2. Every time I login to AdWords it takes me straight to some page where it's trying to setup an ad. Is this something I have to go through before I can get to the keyword planner, or do you have some other advice I could try? It's been a while since I was logged in, so I don't know what this ad is about or why it won't let me skip past it.

  3. Google has decided in its wisdom and dominance to stop all new Adwords accounts without bank account details. Guess what, new companies haven't set up their bank accounts yet.

  4. The video is very misleading (and potentially illegal in the UK) because unless you have a high paying google adwords account keyword planner no longer displays the level of detail described in the video. Bad practice by Google.

  5. It's hard to interpret some of the forecast results when you are looking at how a select group of keywords might perform. The math doesn't work. Is it best to call and have someone walk through with you?

  6. please watch out for these spend £25 get £75 there not all valid and Adwords will set up a automatic payment plan behind your back the voucher dosent work all tho itl say its been applied you end up with a heafty bank statement, the woman i spoke to Vasundra advised me to up the CPV to make it kick in it never did, i found out twice when my landlord tx me and my car insurance rang me, ive asked to speak to a manager not allowed, do you know what they said "should of read the small print" oldest SCAM in the book!!