Join us for this (rescheduled) Hangout On Air with AdWords Evangelist Fred Vallaeys. Fred will be covering how to link Google Analytics with AdWords, how Google Analytics data can be used in AdWords and vice versa, as well as how to create remarketing lists in Google Analytics. Make sure to join the community and tune in during the live Q&A because the top three community members whose question gets the most +1’s  will get a free one-on-one Helpout with Fred!


This will be a live Hangout On Air with a Q&A. Ask your questions on the event page with the hashtag #asktheexpert to get them answered live by Fred.


For agencies in North America (required) we also invite you to join the Google Partners North America community where you can discuss tips and tricks for growing your business and making the most of Google products like AdWords, Analytics, Google+ and YouTube –