Apple moved away from the platform ten years ago, but are there any legitimate uses for a PowerPC PC Mac in 2016?

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  1. Wait, minecraft works on them? I'm not as much into it as most people, but that's still amazing. Does anyone have requirements? I recently got a G4 MDD (1.25GHZ dual CPU, 9000 pro GPU, 2gb RAM) for collecting purposes, and whether I actually try to get minecraft working or not, it'd still be good to know if it could run on that machine.

  2. Question im wondering if a Powerbook G4 is still good for today (im gonna put Xubuntu or Lubuntu on it) but i do have my eyes set on a 17" 1.6GHz model; is it still good for today im just a basic user just some youtube videos and i also make presentations and powerpoints for school

  3. My 2004 iMac G5 with OS X "Tiger" still does it fine (except for Flash/Youtube, which just goes too slow nowadays and which easily makes the CPU reach 70+ degrees Celsius). Admittedly, I don't use it much anymore.

  4. Fall brings their power usage into range to rationalize. Would it somehow be bad to list the 8 things in the video description? Thanks for pondering these mad things. Someone has to ponder putting Fred Fish and Poüet on the Samsung ForgottenFridges out there.

  5. I gotta say, from I'm sure quite a few perspectives, this channel has really serious nerd material on YouTube. But being a nerd, with kids, it's great to see a younger generation creating halfway decent videos in a semi professional way. You set a good example and for me present some pretty awesome info. In fact I bought Amiga Forever thanks to your review. Subscribed!

  6. i adopted a powermac g4 (quicksilver), installed console-only ubuntu and ssh to it for
    text work and programming in sbcl. the quicksilver just sits quietly in the corner without cabling or peripheral devices. and sbcl (a lisp COMPILER) runs very fast, because it loves the PPC platform so much — 32 registers! i'm one happy camper! i'm even contemplating a sonett upgrade to a >1 GHz CPU.

  7. I use my G4 MDD as a dedicated audio record computer at my practice space for mostly tracking drums or live band records. Running an M-Audio Delta1010 via PCI, it functions as an 16-track (8 in/8 out) recorder at 24bit/44.1 AIFF audio. As long as I limit plug in usage, it runs smooth. The setup is solids and doesn't crash, which means I can focus on recording. Not bad for an old geezer.

  8. Any chance of running Amiga os 4.1 on a PPC mac? Because i can't for the life of me find any amiga auctions or motherboards anywhere. Yes there is the amigaone X5000 for 3000 euros for 3000 euros i can buy a house here with 2 floor's and a garden.

  9. I find the Aqua interface of those old OSX machines strangely consistent and easy to use compared to modern ones. I wish they would get rid of the flat web design and went back to widgets with clear borders and better usability 🙁

  10. Great video, thanks for the ideas. I still have an aluminum PowerBook G4 as well as an MDD dual processor PowerMac G4. I installed MacOS 9 on the PowerMac and I use it to play classic 90s/early 2000s games (there are so many great games for everything before Mac OS X, I can play most of the games from my childhood I used to play on Win 95/98 as well as a number games I used to play on DOS which are peculiar to see running in the context of a GUI) and I put all the SCSI hard drives inside of it and put at least most of my music collection onto them (iTunes 2 on MacOS 9) and commected it up to my stereo. The sound chip is great, it can even handle the ALAC and 24bit/96kHz AIFF and WAV files I have, the only downside is it's noise (; but I say to myself, that just adds to the atmosphere (; I still have to find a good use for the PowerBook, I was my main computer until 2012, for almost 10 years, it doesn't look as good optically anymore, but it still works great. Sometimes I use it (with the first Microsoft Office released for OS X) for writing when I don't want to sit at my desk, since I like the feel of its keyboard even though I usually don't like laptop keyboards. Also I still use the Apple Pro Keyboard rom the PowerMac G4 on my 2013 iMac, it's just a rubber dome keyboard but it feels way better than the modern flat Apple keyboards.