This is my video about tiered link building. I wanted to explain how it works for my followers. On our forums at the other admin has a great video about building links like this. I will also add the video below.

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What you are doing is building authority to your website though tiered link building and buffer websites. So first you would build the web 2.0 properties then you would build the tier 2 links to those. After that is done you then create tier 3 links to those tier 2 links. This creates a foundation of links to your website.

This eliminates the risk of getting slapped by Google because you are creating the spam links to the buffer websites. This method is very safe so you have nothing to worry about. Will this rank your website? The simple answer is yes however you need to make sure your website is fully optimised for the keywords you are trying to target. This is how I build or create most of my link to my money and micro niche websites. I have also included some services you can buy if you don’t want to do this yourself.

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Hatred GSA Video:

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  1. I get that what tier 1 consist of but Which websites you use to form tier 2 and tier 3?
    And If I am able to find many tumblrs that have a pretty good PA then would I need the tier 2 and tier 3 blast? (I actually want to rank some websites for local businesses without much of any competition using the tumblr PBNs)

  2. Hi, may i ask you 2 questions? Should i use the same keywords for money site and tier 2, 3 blast? I've created 8 tier 1 blogs a month ago but google only index 2 of them, is that normal? Thank you so much!

  3. I like the idea as of now. I have also read multiple articles praising tiered link build. I have a bit of doubt because:
    tier one:high quality >tier two:ok quality—>tier three: automated (low quality)

    Now tier two has it's own respective ranking. If the automated links are of low quality, wouldn't tier two get hit by google, in turn, hurting the quality of tier three (almost like a domino effect)?

  4. The videos good,but confusing near the end ! at 6.48 when you speak about buying 5000 tiers, this would be automated? would they be using the GSA Search Engine Ranker software?