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  1. Hey guys. Awesome stuff as usual. I'm a little confused though. Isn't any form of link-buying considered super black hat and frowned up/penalized by Google? Help me understand that. And if this works for affiliate sites, would it also work for standard ecommerce retailers too?

  2. Hey thanks for the videos Alex! I'm starting to understand SEO better and have my first derpy site up. I know you said you live in the Dallas area, I live in Corsicana myself, might I suggest that you try the original Campisi's restaurant on Mockingbird if you haven't already. Some of the best dang Italian food I ever had!

  3. Question: When beginning to rank and rent webpages, do I have to be an established business to start doing this? Or can I just start today and get clients to pay to rent my webpages out. any help appreciated

  4. So I did everything you said from vid 1 to 5. bought url from namecheap, got hosting from gator, did the setup along side you with WordPress, Bought some links through your PBN market. Lets see how its works, you best not be lying nigga or you gonna catch hands

  5. What did he mean that you can rent your pages? Do you copy-paste content from their websites to your page or somehow "give" them your account or something so they can customize on their own?