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  1. Has anyone actually done any of this and it actually worked for them, im interesting in trying it out I have previous HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP background to work in my favour. But if anyone knows of anybody who did what this guy claims will make money and worked I would love to know their story and how they did it!

  2. I am open to the idea that i may be a complete idiot….but you always say "click here for this" and "click there for that," but they arent links that are set up. Its just a video. I cant click anything. Maybe it has something to do with my watching this on an ipad? The beginning of this video says "click here for this free software" and "click here to join the FB group" butttttt I cant click! Its not clickable. Help!

  3. Ive already watched this course once now I'm going back and taking thorough notes. I'm definitely going to try this, and it will be funded with money I made from instagram after watching a different video