Join us for our first live stream on the AdWords Express Community! Engineer Stephen Leung will discuss how AdWords Express works and the types of businesses this advertising solution would be a great fit for. Finally, he’ll walk you through a live sign-up demo so you can get started whenever you’re ready.



  1. After we have begun a campaign, how can we review and update the product or service that you've chosen? I started a modest campaign to attract viewers to my short inspirational music video channel. I was unable to find a phrase that fit well, so I ended up choosing "YouTube channel" as a search phrase.

    I have gone into the Dashboard and tweaked the search phrases YouTube came up with out of the box. But I feel like the search phrase "YouTube channel" is too broad. Any advice?

  2. Let's say you have set your monthly budget and it shows the estimated number of ad clicks per month but you get maybe more than double the amount of clicks, does the amount payable change even though you have a budget ?