Seo In-guk confessed the truth to Nam Ji-hyun
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  1. Louis: When u get on the bus to go to work,
    everytime you switch off the light, i'm always watching over you. I'm sorry that i watch over you secretly.
    BokShil: Thank you Louis ya

    sweet gentle kiss kyaaa

    Louis: Let's not stay apart anymore.

  2. I can't count on how many I rewind this. the kiss scene is so romantically emotional . Love this drama so much 😍😍 Seo In Guk.. everytime I see him in dramas, he become more incredibly handsome. augh my heart ❤️

  3. yo this scene killed me. I thought their kiss scene couldn't be any sweeter but this scene tho. We got to see this kiss a lot from the girl's pov and she finally sees how much he loves her. I can imagine her going cray cray if something happened to Louis

  4. I really need this couple to get the best couple. this is because this the cutest and most different couple!! As we can see all the other couples are almost the same😂😂😂😁😁I cant get enough of this perfect couplee😍😍