There’s nothing better than free, is there? Well free tools for free SEO are better yet. (Free materials at, including a free copy of the SEO Toolbook). In this action-packed video tutorial, Jason McDonald shares his top ten tips and free tools for effective search engine optimization. He beings with keyword tools, proceeds through tools to do better on page optimization including Page Tags, examines links and link-building tools, and ends up with metrics tools. Participants also get access to his SEO Toolbook – a $29.99 value, at no cost, just for watching the video. Questions? Call us at 800-298-4065 or visit us at



  1. Okay, you made me laugh. You are a super smart guy! I had to pause the video to finish laughing! Thank you for sharing this information. It's quite fast so I will have to watch several times. I have been struggling to teach myself how to use the information. You explain the material very plain so I can understand, and FAST! Thank You!

  2. I discovered you about 30 days ago. Your advice is advise is way beyond brilliant. Thank you. PS I have since the discovery purchased 5 copies of your Yelp book as Christmas gifts to friends.