Short tutorial on ALL the crazy SEO secrets in Google’s Search Console – next video will be Google Analytics – questions?



  1. 28 minutes gone and you've spent more time rambling about your test site than you have spent talking about just one of the tools in Search Console. The test site that you "guarantee could be a problem" is that like a guarantee that something might not break?

  2. Hey Josh, in my Google Search Console, under Crawl section, under "Fetch as google", my site statu is "Redirected" with a yellow sign beside it and when I click on "tick" sign I dont see any of website informations that you showed in your video. just bunch of weird codes. smells like an issue. Could you please tell me how I can fix it?!

  3. Oh my word. This is awesome video. Thank you so much Josh on this. Wow this was amazing info.
    No I have couple of questions.
    – in search analytics impressions tab. Does this mean this these possibilities for traffic from those search queries? I have many queries where there is really high impressions count, but I have low position on those. Should I reconsider my keywords according to this?
    – Is there any way to see search analytics by city? I'm concentrating more on my local search results and not sure how to see which of these queries is more popular in local search. My guess is that I can do this via keyword too or you think if nationally these queries are doing well then locally it should be the same.
    – Last one about crawl errors. I have many not found 404 error pages. 250 in total (420 indexed pages) . Most of them are missing photo tags. Or post tags, should I be worried about these for my SEO?
    Thank you Josh and I will go and have a look at your rest f the content.