In this Video I’m going to be sharing a very simple 3 step seo proposal.

Not just for SEO: Really guys this can be used for Lead Gen Or Pay Per Lead, SEO, Reputation Marketing & Google Maps.

Convert 50%-80% of people who agree to a simple Competition analysis

Below this video were going to give you all the resources you need to ACTUALLY execute this. No gaps here. The proposal template, competitive analysis example, deal breakdown calculator, Cold Calling Script, Warm Script, cold email script, and full examples of everything.

My special guests today have been killing it with this 3 step formula. Currently doing over 35,000 per month with SEO!

PLUS as a bonus: the first five people to get a prospect are going to get a full deal handhold – meaning were going to help you do everything – the analysis, figure out your proposal, deal calculation, and help you pitch it! were going to essentially get you a deal. Honestly we’ll just close the deal if we have to.

All you have to do is reach out to a prospect and get them to agree to an analysis. Thats it. Use the resources we give you in the bonus section, its really that simple. And just to be super clear the instructions on claiming the deal handhold once you’ve got a prospect to agree to the competition analysis are in the bonus area too.

Don’t forget to download all the resources they cover all your proposal needs:
sample seo proposal
seo proposal template
seo proposal for client
seo proposal example



  1. I have also checked emails and bonus after sharing and same as the others getting redirected to the maps video and bonuses.Can't find the proposal templates anywhere

  2. Sorry about the issues folks, all has been fixed 😉 Share with Twitter or Google and you'll get it 😉 If not just tag us on Twitter @Digtrig and we will get you taken care of!

  3. Hey Joe, can you do a video on how you work with a client's Website for SEO? I've done SEO for my own wordpress websites, but unsure how you would actually work with their websites if it's not say a wordpress site and is a custom site. Especially if it's an e-commerce site.

  4. Quick question:
    But first let me say…Another Awesome Vid. I love the way Lane broke this down.

    I'm totally new to, yet fully intrigued by, the concept of "brand jacking" and was hoping that you could direct me to any videos or post on the Digital Triggers website that would help me to learn how to do this effectively.

  5. +DigitalTriggers

    Question: What Master Class video was Lane referring to when he said fast forward to 1:30? There is no link in the description and I couldn't find it on the Digital Triggers website.

    Also, I left a question under another video asking where I could find an explanation of "Brand Jacking" using Syndwire?


  6. Hey there, i was a little confused on the numbers on the spreadsheet. The total leads generated were 13. The client converts at 50% the average client revenue is 7500. So why isnt it 6.65 x 7500. I see it is 6.5 x 3500? Im just a little hazy on those numbers. Great video btw. really appreciated it

  7. Awesome. I love this community. I just a couple days ago sent out a proposal with lots of big numbers. I'm wary of giving a lead sticker shock with a proposal, and this is certainly a way to avoid that. Next proposal that goes out is done in this manner. Big ups!

  8. This is a good plan "IF" your potential clients business is in a large city that shows a significant amount of keword traffic. If your business is dealing with clients in But Fart Kansas that doesn't return enough keyword traffic then I don't see any way to make this work. Am I wrong. If I am please explain. Im always looking for new ways to work deals.

  9. How do you determine the lead value cell on the spreadsheet from the average revenue (client provided) cell? Im just trying to understand the spreadsheet more