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  1. @VirtualAssistantv – We are looking to include a Platinum service where the capcha passing will be managed by our staff on your behalf. I will keep you up to date when we launch.

  2. @RemixPicture We use post/zip codes for the purposes of VAT. We are a UK based company so need to charge those within the UK and part of those throughout the EU, but not anybody further afield. There is no other reason for needing these details and they are never sold, or passed on to other companies. I hope that helps

  3. @WebsiteToSell – Hi there, thanks for the question. We have over 1,800 directories, all of which are indexed and counted by search engines. You don't even need to add any links to your web site so it is as easy as possible.

    If you have any more questions drop us a quick e-mail via our contact us page.


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  6. One of the primary problems with the mass submission of a site is the lack of control over where the site is listed. Just because a directory is reputable today, doesn't mean it will be reputable in the future.

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