Maile Ohye from Google advises your startup as if she had only 10 minutes as your SEO consultant.



  1. one more thing…if you can help me here …then please.. 🙂
    After Google Panda Update, my Blog's traffic went down by 80%. I got hired for that company after 1 year, and after 6 months (total of 2 years after penalty) I came to know the situation. I tried to fix 2K google structural errors, and now they are fixed. I am not a SEO guy, and all my knowledge is through amazing instructional videos like this. Now, I have a duplicate content Issue (which I think), because when I crawl my website with screaming frog, I got 14% plagiarism (15% is bad). And when I bought a plagiarism software to sort it out, ALL THE PLAGIARIZED SENTENCES WERE MY OWN. i.e., google is showing my own content on, Owler…etc.
    So, How do I get rid of this? A simple hint would be great. Just point me the direction. PLEASE. PLEASE . PLEASE.

  2. SEO is simple to use. I have a lot of pages in few different niches and in most of them im on gogle first page. I have been using keyword research and backlinks on seowebly com, I used standard package for most of them and in few pages I used premium also. What I recommend is to find the best keywords manualy or using seowebly com. Main thing is high quality backlinks. Good luck guys!