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Learn How To Rank on google with SEO. This is a SEO tutorial for beginners and we use in order to bring more savings and to outsource your SEO. By using this website, you can start your seo strategy and really start to rank your website on google and other search engines.
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Please watch this SEO tutorial all the way, there is a lot i talk about with SEO strategies and SEO techqniues. I personally recommend hiring compaines from India to outsource your seo!

This is a SEO Tutorial For beginners so take your time and choose your freelancer wisely for your seo campaign!

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  1. Hi Darrel and thanks for this video. Question. Why won't Google rank a webpage for a cafe in a small town (1000 people). If I search "cafe name" in "city" it still won't show the link to the website. There's no competition so I don't see why Google wouldn't rank it higher.

  2. Hi Darrel. Thanks for the video 🙂 I have 2 questions:
    1st: how long do you think for "business consulting services" – "business advisor"

    2nd: Do you know any similar method to find companies which will do it for you but in Spanish?


  3. ok question. I know you can hire someone but what do they actually do and can A site owner do it them selves? cud you make or send me a video that shows how to rank ourselves? Is it worth it to pay rather then do the work yourself?

  4. Hi Darrel,
    Great video!

    I run a small jewelry website in Denmark, that are very niche-based. What are your experience with non-English sites and the use of Indian SEO companies? Normally the recommendations for back-links to a Danish website (.dk domain) is that a large part of the links must come from .dk domains. Or?

    I guess that most of the back-links from an Indian company is from English-based sites.