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The key to success with SEO is becoming an authority in your industry. Here are 4 factors that Google looks at when deciding where to rank your website.

1. Media and Press coverage – if people are talking about you in the media you will be rewarded with a higher Google ranking. These is also the case if you have articles or interviews on .gov or .edu websites.

2. Google Me? Are people Googling your business? if the answer is yes then you will be rewarded with a better ranking on Google.

3. Setting up and using Social media properly – You NEED to set up social media accounts for each of your locations.

4. Google Reviews – do you have any? are they positive? Reviews have a huge impact on whether or not Google will send you new traffic.

Above you will find 4 ways to become an authority in your field online. I promise the reward will be worth the effort. Remember good things don’t happen over night, and this may take some time. But today is a good day to get started!

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  1. Thanks Chris… enjoyed your 'plainly' understood video, which verifies some SEO alterations that I must concede to, such as belonging to numerous social sites… something I refrain from doing! I also am not big on asking clients for comments, which I'm sure they would be happy to do… just hate the asking part… as much as I dislike putting myself in the public eye. Pretty much halting my SEO it sounds like, eh! http://WWW.PAWSWATCH.COM. My host is GoDaddy, and as far as setting up SEO for my website there, I am totally clueless… have no idea what to say where… it's that confusing for me! I've no idea either why when pet sitting is Googled, up comes something way different than what I took so long to submit. Also confusing is why other pet sitters have several different titles showing, while mine just has one. These no doubt sound very no-brainer to you! PS… I'm a Toronto transplant 🙂

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