1. In minute 24:50, the illustration of 3 adgroups, one for Leather Sectionals, Leather Loveseats and Leather Chairs, I notice that the ad headline for Leather Chairs is, again, Leather Loveseats with keywords re chairs. I assume that the ad text here is a typo or uncaught copy/paste error.

  2. Amazing video. Very concise and explained brilliantly in a simple manner. Thanks a lot!! Its been very helpful.
    Just one query: At 34:17 In the 4th column & 3rd row > Isn't the 3rd bullet point (Alaskan Vacation deal) an error? Because Synonyms aren't included in – Broad match modified match type.

  3. Ideally we should bid on our brand name as well. Taking into consideration that we should avoid duplicate keywords, what should be done while running multiple campaigns (where the goal is to drive website traffic) ? use the brand name only once?