You probably know him & his website, & you probably know that he is ranking for most competitive keywords with ease. But what you probably don’t know is he has got many more such websites & he’s doing better than what we can imagine.

Yes we are talking about the young sensation of the SEO World – Vinay Goud. He is one of the driving forces behind event blogging & he has been a part of hugely successful projects.

After some follow up, we finally got the chance where he himself will take one full session on SEO & Link building, and share his techniques, how he ranks, & how he makes a great amount of money with ease (though he is also a lot hardworking & dedicated, which is really required in SEO today).

The magic of these webinars is that the experts will come & they will open their success strategies, which is the most unique thing about BlogwithJags!

So here we go! 7th november, 2014 is the date when we will have him live on! You can ask him any question you want at the end of the session in Question – Answer slot.



  1. hey Gaurav bro, I have one question….
    He said that sometime he uses dofollow blogs…
    In the list of dofollow blogs for commenting. I just investigated and got results that dofollow blog are also "Nofollow". why?
    then which blogs are reaally dofollow?