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  1. quora te answer post korar somoy tate amazon er shortlink directly anchor text er shathe link kore dile ki kono problem hobe ? is it allowed from amazon ? would
    u tell me please ?

  2. firstly i want to give you many many thanks for help us.
    sir i have some question
    1.how can we get dofollow backlink from quora ?
    2.if i put link on facebook,youtube comment section, is it cout a backlink or we get any seo value ?
    3.how many backlink we need for get position on google first page ?
    I hope i will get answer from you
    Thank you

  3. Thanks sir.
    from last 2 weeks i'm watching ur tutorials , u r just unsound able
    i want to know that ' is it there any limit to answer of questions in a day" & how do i know that when i can put my links, is it there any notification of after 1000 views etc. thnkssss

  4. শামীম ভাই, কোরার এনসার গুলোতে ইনস্পেক্ট করে দেখলাম সব লিংক nofollow ভাবে দেওয়া আছে । তাহলে কি গুগল সার্চ ইন্জিন এটা কাউন্ট করবেনা?
    অনেক ধন্যবাদ আপনার ভালো কাজের জন্য 🙂