***eCommerce Store Owners***
If you do any type of PPC then you don’t want to miss this interview with Charley Valher! So much important information you need to know!
BIGGEST TAKE AWAY – Learn his HUSTLER FUNNEL! A MUST for anyone starting out!
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Other topics covered include
– What are the biggest mistakes you see eCommerce store owners doing when they set up thier own ads
– Which is best Boost post, Ads manager or Power editor
– Do eCommerce store owners need to use the FB pixel
– Why Shopify is so good for your sales!
– What images work best
– How much money should people put into FB ads when starting out
– Google shopping network and retargeting
– Why taking advice from a FB comment is a bad idea
– How do you suggest people choose thier audience if they are starting out
– When is it best for an eCommerce store owner to hire a professional to set up their ads

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