This is the EVO1-5-U/UPS Digital Coaxial Splitter with dedicated voice port. It has one input, one passive output for voice/modem (-3.5 db loss), and four ports that are with gain (amplified, 0 db loss). Upstream is also with gain (0 dB loss). The instruction sheet says you should terminate unused ports into 75 Ohms.

Disclaimer: Install at your own risk. I have read that this is similar to what Comcast installs, though I don’t know that first-hand. It is working for my 3-room setup with X1 Comcast Xfinity cable modem/voice service.



  1. Comcast installed this device when I got TV+internet through them.  I just cancelled my TV and replaced it with an OTA HD antenna, but I still have my cable internet.  Is there a way I can re-use this device to split my Antenna to my 3 rooms w/o losing internet?

  2. It really does not matter too much where the cable modem goes so long as its not on power or input… in some circumstances which I've ran into myself I had no choice but to put the cable modem on the no loss side for best stability there was known problems in the area causing us/ds problems