PPC is competition involving precision shooting on B27 targets using holsters and standing, kneeling, sitting and prone positions at ranges out to 50 yards. Challenging is the name of the game, but PPC is nowhere as popular as it once was…



  1. Cookie,  I don't believe that PPC was done all in Vain. Like you said Bullseye and precision pistol shooting (Free pistol) is boring to watch. PPC brought the People to the Matches and put spectators on the sidelines. and Its not an easy thing to do or Master.  (By the way, The Mod-66 you have is a beautiful custom gun made by a master of his skills, Bill Davis was a Top pistol smith).  I think that is one of the nicest Pistols you have shown us of your Collection.

  2. Great video! It's nice to know the origins of the bullet board now: I just purchased an 8-shot Ruger SP101 in 22lr and was looking at speed loader options. One company is selling a speed loader and bullet board combo for the 22lr SP101. I think I'll buy it! I already own a 15 round spee-d-loader for my Remington 512P and Glenfield model 60, and was hoping they'd sell one that accommodates 8 rounds, but the closest sizes are 6 and 11 rounds. Seems like a bullet board and speed loader will be a better option!

  3. Great video, thanks! PPC is still popular around the world, but under the 'World Association 1500' banner. It is popular here in Australia with regular regional tournaments held.