This is a partnership video with Tristar Products. I am using the Power Pressure Cooker XL to make a delicious Ox Tail recipe. I also used a rub mixture fro Lyle at No Hippie BBq and Cooking. There are links below for the products that I used.

The Power Pressure Cooker XL website –

promo code: POWER23

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No Hippe BBQ and Cooking’s Jerk Rub video –

Groove Frequencies –
Groove Frequencies’ FB Page –

My first Ox Tail Video (it may be hard to watch) –

[This was a collaboration with Tristar Products for this video.]



  1. Hello Mr. Daddy & Family! I hope you and the family are well! Your ox-tails had me drooling at the mouth,they look so yummy! I was wondering, besides the flour you used to coat the ox-tails, did you use any other thickening agent to make that pretty brown gravy? I love the "pressure cooker.Blessings to you & your family#

  2. Hey buddy had to come say hey. Wanted to ask u i know u go do ur thing but have u ever thought about brewing beer? I do da Welch's grape juice inmate brew. That stuff gets reallllll strong lol. I wanted to thank you 1. For serving your country. 2.for keeping us entertained heyyyyyyyy boi heyyyyyyy girls(jb shout out) lol and giving us some great recipes and things like the uds u built. Any ways phil you take care buddy. Oh i wanna see you do a sour dough recipe. Ive baked a lot just like to watch others do these things as well. I went to chef school. Worked for 30+ years offshore and on land in the culinary feild. I do intend to still do cooking vids just nit sure when. Could be a month or a year. I tend to tell ppl my plans wayyyyyyyyyyy before i do them. I figure between talking to u, russ, jb, t-roy and john(juanello) i should be able to pull something off. Since i was injured in the job maybe i should name my chanell the disabled chef…. Kinda catchy(not written in stone) lol…kk im gone drinking my coffee w/Madagascar vanilla in it. Some splenda and pet milk. (evaporated milk) hey you been keeping up with the new orleans pelicans by chance. They needed to keep the name hornets… One more thing….. Wooooooooooooo(ole ric flair) lol

  3. Fan of the show, keep up the good work. I am curious though, didn't those veggies turn to mush after 1 1/2 hrs? If so, I'd suggest adding them at the 1 hour mark and maybe let them go for the last 1/2 hr.

  4. I bought 2 of these joints over 2 years ago and was so impressed with them that I bought 2 more from SNL, a different brand to see who was the best and the PPC XL outperforms them all! I have a Soul food truck that will be opening soon and I have someone that want to back me in a restaurant with how I cook with these pressure cookers. I probably know more about how to cook Soul food in that thing than anyone on this planet! That's for real!

    I would have done everything like you did except put any vegetables in the pot until after the first setting. I wouldn't have done that unless it was on slow cook for 3 to 4 hours, which is the time it takes to it takes to cook on the stove anyway but with these pressure cookers, I find that it cuts the time to one-third and locks in the flavor at the same time, it's not running away with the steam!

    I have 3 of them for my truck. I cook pig's feet, neck bones, smoked turkey, and a number of other Soul food items in this pot. When I see the warmers getting low, rice in 15 minutes from start to finish, pig's feet in an hour, ox tails in an hour and a half, slipt-pea soup in 45 minutes and much, much more.

    While cooking the oxtails, I would have put it on 45 minutes, then put in the vegetables, some people like potatoes, I like large lima beans, then everything else because they wither away if you don't. I plan to cook in the restaurant with them too, have to keep that flavor going!

  5. Love the recipe! Thank you for disclosing the partnership, much appreciated. And those oxtails look delicious!!You have the most beautiful of presentations of food, and the care and life skill is outstanding. Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I am a pressure cooker fanatic! Great recipe. Might inspire me to try out oxtails 🙂 Just found your channel. I do cooking videos, too! Looking forward to following you!

  7. This looks GREAT! I will be trying it this weekend. By the way, Digging the music! I usually play Barry White when I'm chopping up veggies and meat, and when I cook. Power Pressure Cooker XL is an amazing machine. I love it. So versatile. You can steam cook, pressure cook, use it for canning, also use it as a crock pot. Best bet for you buck.

  8. Hi there.  This was a regular staple in our household.  We have Caribbean and southern roots.  My mother made our similar to yours.  I plan to try your recipe this weekend!!  I love your videos!!! 🙂