We’ve always been amazed at the performance of Noctua fans. These the NF-F12 is Linus’ favorite after all! However, there’s always been that nagging color scheme that doesn’t seem to quite match with other components. Well there are two whole new lines with pleasing color schemes available now. One of them is rated for industrial water resistant workloads, and the other is introduced at a much lower price point!

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Buy Noctua Redux:
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  1. Noctua fans are a rip off… Your paying for a fancy box, that ends up in the trash… Has velcro on the damn box for crying out loud. They're not the best performing fans. Maybe perform better and are quieter. But if you get a nice decent fan and add the rubber pads… Your naked ear not going to tell the difference. Then you save 10-15bucks…. Then you get a plethora of color options… Hell my naked ear cant tell the noise difference from a stock "came with the case" fractual design fan…. Now removing old HDD's and adding sound dampening to your case, absolutely does make a huge noticeable difference… to each their own, I can't tell the difference beyond my wallet…

  2. you can put any 5-12v or even more fans into a glass of water and it works fine under water, it would be so crappy in order to stop working in a freaking glass of water and they charge that much for the addition of "water resistant"?! wow 

  3. Brown & Tan FTW. Fuq that black and gray shit. Those bastard's better make the High grade quality Fans in Brown & Tan. This is Blasphemy. If I wanted black Fans I'd have gone with Noctua's competitors; then I'd have Generic looking Fans and Less Quality.

  4. Cant like your video's
    1 : since your allways in it
    2 : You got no boobs
    But the Industrial ones are great run the 14's 2000 pwm in my pc-600d
    Big diff is  6 stators not 4 like the old ones = use less power + more torque

  5. Linus. You need to Karate Chop yourself in the Adams apple and lower your voice by a few octaves. The shrill of it is so annoying that I have to turn down the volume every single time i watch one of your videos. No offence, but you sound like you're not yet in puberty.