Large or small, new or old, a business with effective mission and vision statements galvanize their own success by the focus they bring. Businesses that are able to communicate a clear and well-defined mission shared with customers, suppliers and their marketplace can’t help but lead in their fields. Employees who align themselves with the company mission and vision statements consciously move toward a common purpose that aides in forming superior strategic business decisions regardless of the size of the business.  

Recently, the Traverse City Record Eagle newspaper in Traverse City, Michigan (Sept.6, 2009)   reported on the local public transit agency, The Bay Area Transportation Authority where its board members adopted mission and vision statements as part of an effort to determine strategic plans for the public bus system. The move creates a foundation from which to build, officials said. “It really gives direction for the organization on all levels,’ said the BATA board chairman Rob Bacigalupi.  

Its new mission statement is “BATA delivers safe, high quality, efficient and reliable transportation services in its region that link people, jobs and communities.” Its new mission replaces an old Greyhound Bus Line mission statement.  “I think it was time for us to get this in line because it had never been done before,” said Melinda Lautner, BATA board member. The agency had been in a year-long struggle to analyze its operations and finances.

They have their clear and well-defined mission statement and vision statement to share with their customers, suppliers, and communities. Their employees can easily align themselves and move toward a common purpose. Strategic plans can be created with confidence.  They now have a recipe for success.  

Chiropractor Steve Boshoff, found his business “changed dramatically; it improved things really fast: we got rid of a lot of clutter and non-essential stuff. It brought better focus. We started seeing what didn’t match our statements. Things started streamlining faster and everything began to fall into place. It really helped me when patients started pointing to our mission and vision statement on our office wall and asked questions. All of a sudden it takes on meaning.”  

In the current business climate businesses need more than ever the structure to deal with change. A vision statement provides direction, aligns key players and energizes people to achieve a common purpose. To see case studies, read examples, and learn more about mission statements and vision statements, go to now.

Source by Don Midgett