Looking to learn 2018 Local SEO works? This is the tutorial for you. I cover a wide variety of information from how to find your prospects, implement on page / off page seo, figure out KPI’s, NAPW consistency optimization, conversion rate optimization, interlinking, external linking, schema markup, extract info from GA, filtering data in Google Analytics, fixing broken links, keyword tracking, content marketing, hyper local / generic citations, site auditing, and much more.

The site I’m working with:


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SEO 2017 tutorial where I cover ranking factors with SEO profiler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eQf4s_1A_E&t=775s

Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”




  1. Every time I watch this video I learn more. I wish I had enough money to have you Chase mentor me. These videos really help and I thank you Chase for sharing your knowledge. My wife thinks I am weird watching your videos all day. But she doesn't understand the value I get from watching each video you share. Thanks man.

  2. Wow Chase still watching on the first video and I am now feeling more confident with SEO and im JUST a beginner! Thank you for providing us with this content!

    Do you have any suggestions for Youtube SEO?

  3. Awesome Video! this video provide information about the Local SEO Search Rankings. really i like it. this video was really helpful and useful for business person. and the information was really informative relevant knowledgable and teachable. really great video. thank you so much for sharing this video. keep it up.
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  4. Great info as usual! May consider a dead air edit on this or future vids if you have time. Around 18 min. when you go to check her analytics you spend about 3-5 minutes trying to find it.
    People may not stick around through that and jumping ahead to the perfect spot without missing anything is a pain too.

    Small thing amongst great content overall, but worth thinking about.