My presentation at the Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind on Link Building vs the Real-time Penguin 4.0 Algorithm.

I’ll be showing you how I beat Penguin 4.0 in just 2 months using a specialist link building strategy, the types of backlinks I built and the results I got at the end of it all.


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  1. Nice strategy. So simple. Do you link both ways on the subdirectory support pages or do you just link from support pages to money page? Example <– History of Example OR Example <–> History of Example?

  2. Hi Charles, great presentation, thank you for sharing. I've never done a GSA blast to a money site but have to parasite and web 2.0, social profiles etc, that link to the money site.. Since that is no longer safe to do, what do you suggest to build up those kind of sites?

  3. Thanks Charles some great insights. So PBNs are still effective now as we wrap up 2016 and into 2017? As long as you point links to sub-pages rather than directly to the money page?

  4. I keep watching this presentation and it really has go me thinking. Could you clarify whether I understood something properly?

    Your money page has no links on it whatsoever, rather your subdirectories link to your money page along with external and internal pages?

    Thanks again this has been a great resource for me. I has got me thinking differently.