– This week’s guide looks at a common link building problem: How can you improve the links you already have? By cross linking it’s possible to drive extra power to existing links, thereby making them stronger. Mike explores the concept and how it can be replicated for any business. Fnd out more from other Koozai blogs

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  1. Thanks for the feedback Warren. It's quite complicated at first, but once you set up profiles and build authority on other sites it gets easier. The best thing to do is start small.

  2. When developing your link building strategy, a wider variety of sites linking to you is more important that many links from a small handful of sites. Search engines weigh this link diversity very positively in their algorithms, so make sure you look for many places to submit your links.

  3. Quite essential things covered in this video. Everyone else is talking about massive tier 2 link building and drip feeding them with even more number junk links. Loved the video your cross-linking strategy, Thanks!

  4. Well done bro… simple word I can say that search engine crawler check more than 100 factors to optimize a website like page content, keyword density, prominence and proximity and anchor text etc