Learn how online advertising can help attract new customers to your business. This video describes how the opportunities available with organic and paid search can get your website in front of interested people.
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  1. Oh boy! What this video doesn't tells you is that Google AdWords can be quite expensive. Sometimes more expensive than putting an ad in a newspaper if you don't know a thing on advertising (personal experience), but still it's a great tool to test the water for your product.

    If you are going to put money in this type of advertising, you should invest in learning the tricks needed to maximize your results, otherwise you are going to lose your money. Personally  I'll started learning advertising from people with a positive tracked background in marketing. People like Gary Halbert or David Ogilvy. The one I'm leaning the most is Claude C. Hopkins (A legacy in Advertising). in fact, If you talk to any SERIOUS advertiser most of them would tell you, that they learned what they now do and preach based in Hopkings' ideas. He is the father of modern advertising, and I started to get good results with his methods too.   

  2. 1. You might want to add ROI (return on investment).  Adwords makes sense for a specific product – such as photographic services.  But what if you want to advertise what a nonprofit service organization has to offer which in most cases isn't something someone buys, but is to drive people to the website so they know that there are free services that can help them?

  3. That was simple and to the point.  Though I have a question, if my quality is better, does that mean I may be able to bid a smaller amount in order to get my link to come up under search? 

  4. Can someone help me. I have created a list of keywords phrases from the keyword planner, saved it and left. Now all what I have is a campaign with no information the average search for each phrase, competition, and suggested cost, like I saw in the keyword planner. How do I get this information?