Today we try out a Meta build on the Kodiak KDK-3 with 2 Gauss Rifles and 2 ER PPCs. The build is all aboud mid range pinpoint damage with a really neat alpha strike of 50 damage. The idea behind this is to destroy the components of the enemy with one single shot. If you get lucky with that you even destroy the whole enemy Mech with that. If not, well then you at least punched a very big hole into the enemies armor and pushed him back to second line. DO not underestimate this psychological advantage. The presence of mid-range snipers can drive fear into the hearts of a Mechwarrior.

Of course you need a steady aim to place your shots. Also, you should charge up your Gauss Rifle and as soon as you have your targets in sight release the button and immideately press the button for the PPC firing group. This way all of your projectiles fly at the same time and you have a great chance to land them on the same component of the enemy Mech.

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2x Clan ER PPC
2x Clan Gauss Rifle
Engine: XL400

Full Loadout (Smurfy):

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  1. Back when you aid your team is dying, you pretty much single-handedly turned the game around.
    You killed with every single shot. While your build IS very powerful, it shows your team was not slacking off.
    The enemy was weakened enough for you to wipe out what was left of them.

  2. Hey, thanks for this video. I'm going to see if I like this build better on my K3 than the (4) LB-10X's I usually run with. At the very least it'll turn it from a medium range mech to a long range mech.