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SEO Tips to Get Started
Search engine optimization is part of the growth strategy for every business website these days. It’s all about getting your website as high up on the search result pages as possible. Search engine optimization is all about increasing traffic to your site, and there are several ways of doing so.

Fresh content
The content you’re putting on your site should be fresh, relevant and informative. Make sure you update it regularly to increase the traffic. Sites full of useful, oft-updated information about a particular topic are the best sites for search engines and users.

Emphasize on keywords
Make a conscious effort of placing the appropriate keywords throughout your website. This doesn’t mean just your content but also the titles, URLs, image captions, etc. Keywords are basically search terms, so make sure you place them in the page header and title tag.

Link back to your site
Integration of internal links is an important part of every SEO strategy because it’s a simple and easy trick to boost site traffic to individual pages. When creating new content, it’s important to link back to your site archives frequently. Just like keywords, it’s harmful to perform excessive linking.

Search-friendly URLs
Make sure that your URLs are named with clear keywords to make them search engine friendly. For example, a URL such as ‘’ makes it clear what the page is all about. However, a URL with an in-house classification system such as ‘’ is less easy to understand and so is a dynamic URL. Keep it simple and search engine friendly.

Create a sitemap
A sitemap is a page that lists and links to all the individual pages or categories on your site. Adding a sitemap is important because it makes it easier for the search engines to find your site. The fewer clicks it takes to reach a page on your site, the better.

Avoid Flash
Flash looks pretty but doesn’t help your SEO in any way. It’s advisable not to use frames at all and to use AJAX and Flash sparingly to get the best SEO results.

Image descriptions
Search engines can find text but not the text in your images, and this why you should make the image descriptions or captions as descriptive as possible. Make sure you add captions to all the pictures and be descriptive with the text.

Social media distribution
Social media distribution means distributing the links to the content on your site across the appropriate social media platforms. This strategy, if done right, multiplies your website traffic exponentially.

Link to others
Make sure you develop ties with other sites, – so that they can link their site to yours and you can return the favor. However, don’t get tied down to a link farm and instead look for sites with a good reputation.

Monitor where you stand
The only way to know if your SEO campaign is paying off is to monitor your search rankings. It’s also important to check the referrer log on a regular basis.