Matt, Is there such thing as building to many links, if you’re following Google’s webmaster guidelines exactly? Too many where you would get banned, even if you’re following the rules? Thanks, Mark

Mark Schneider, Denver, Colorado



  1. I hate it when people come on to my forums and just think they can spam their links everywhere – they win an instant lifetime ban plus i delete all of their posts / threads. Anyone who spams their link everywhere without contributing deserves to not rank in Google – i don't know why they do it, they are totally wasting their time! If you contribute to conversation on the web where you have something that adds value then by all means create your link but i'm sick of people just spamming rubbish

  2. I have a question about links from social networks and couldn’t find a better place to ask, so here it comes:
    Does Google rate links from social networks like Twitter & Co even though they are nofollow links. I believe these links are the best recommendation.
    Thanks, Philipp from Zurich.

  3. If you own a mortgage company or a baby diaper making company how in the world do you follow the same strategy as Google, Digg, Twitter, and Facebook for getting backlinks?

    It's impossible and silly to think that only by becoming a giant content farmhouse is the way to get good backllinks. Some people have to work for them Mr. Cutts 🙂

  4. What google doesnt want to realize: there are only a few kinds of people who naturally links to websites with dofollow, these are the bloggers, the rest of people just link to websites from nofollow social networks. The time when some people used to create sites like : my favorites sites, is over, hosting is expensive and webmasters arent wasting their time linking just like that. Now Matt search "debt consolidation (city)" go and tell us if the first ones are there because of natural linking.

  5. hello, where can i send the question i have?
    My question is, i have 87% search engine traffic on my site(Forum, online for 5 years), and i heard from someone here in Greece, that there is a danger when the percentage is that high. (that i am depending on what google will change with algorhythms). How much of that is true? (the percentage has always been high but it even got higher the last few years)

  6. For those who call themselves SEO's and say "oh just create great content and people will naturally link to you" and so on, is just full of bs… Do you even truly believe that the majority of sites rank this way?? Be realistic people…