Schema Type Spreadsheet:

Schema Creator: documentation:

In this video, I show you how to start structuring your local business’ contact info using the Schema Creator, then perfecting it thanks to the documentation provided on

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  1. Thanks Matt, I am not using wordpress on my site.  Where would be the best place to paste this code?  I tried pasting it in the head of my markup and when I ran the W3C compliance test in Dreamweaver CC 2014, it returned a bunch of errors, where I had no errors before.  Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Matt. If there's a company that has locations in several states, is it okay to have a different schema address for each location in each state (and the correlating pages)? i heard someone say they got a penalty for having inconsistent schema but wouldnt it help to rank locally if the address is within the same state?

  3. Do we need to add this schema tags in old content or we can put the whole piece of code separately? Adding the whole code separately wont show the same content two times? One already added and second using this piece of code?