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  1. I've been listening to all your podcast while I work. I've been learning and taking this all in. I have been an FBA seller for four months now and my sales are increasing each week. Thank you for all your thoughts and making our journey easier and giving us a clear path to follow.

  2. Thanks for the vid Scott. Great info as always. So when you're taking keyword ideas from your competitors page with the keyword planner tool, you don't go through the list and pull out any obviously not relevant keywords? Seems like you would want to do that to avoid reducing your ctr.

  3. hello Scott Thanks for this information, some questions

    1- RE reviews , how do i actually get reviews if i have not got any customers yet, do i phone my friends and family and ask them for reviews even if they don't buy my product , wont amazon know that this person did not buy a product?

    2- I am selling cushion covers on amazon, RE: ranking by getting sales, would it be something to consider to offer my product at a low price just to generate sales and improve my ranking, is it viable for a business to run in negative to begin with then when one is making sales and ranking one can increase prices.