Quick walkthrough on how to setup a basic campaign in Bing.



  1. That is the best Bing ads tute I have seen. I have set up a campaign a whole ago but didn't really know what I was doing so it has been on pause for a while. I will be reactivating it this week following your lesson.  One question. Can you make anything convert? be it just a small profit or are some things just a no go???

  2. I really liked this Bing ads tutorial. I might usual request you to share some more information on Campaign. Is each Campaign being used for individual service or product displayed in a single webpage? Like Campaign1 is used for product1; Campaign2 is used for product2; Campaign3 is used for AService3 and so forth for the same website? bizhiveinc@gmail.com

  3. Hey Tom,

    Great tutorial. Have you received better results in terms of conversions with Bing ads vs FB ads/Google adwords? I hear that Bing is more useful if you are targeting an older audience but I haven't tested it to determine if it is true or not. 

    Thanks again for sharing this!