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When you are getting started with Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), one of the largest channels you will use is Google AdWords. Google AdWords is the service used by Advertisers to place their search, display, video, and app advertisements across the Google Search, Display, and Video networks. Using Google AdWords, you are able to target keywords, set your ads, bid for clicks, and drive results to your website. Not only can you increase leads and overall awareness for your business, but you can also increase revenue and conversions as well.

This video will detail how to go about setting up your very first Google AdWords Search Network campaign. We will help you build your campaign with the proper settings, create organized ad groups by theme, target relevant keywords for your business, create multiple advertisements that stand out, and how to drive results to your website properly.



  1. This might sound like a silly question , but how do i find out what the other competitors are paying per click? if i make my daily budget of say $20 is there a way of finding out how may clicks i can get for that?

  2. Question. You said that the you want to create a lot of Adgroups with their own Keywords and it would result in lower costs (12:17), but would that not result in your budget being used up a lot faster and for small businesses would it not be better to keep a smaller, more targeted number of Keywords so that you are getting a higher quality of lead? Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Corey, I don't know why you have taken so much time to give the public so much valuable information and insight, but I thank you for your very clear and concise tutorials. All of your tutorial videos are not only current but the absolute best on Youtube. Your deep dive into the fundamentals of digital paid advertising is invaluable for beginners like myself. I highly recommend anybody who wants to learn about this subject to take advantage of all the tutorials that Surfside PPC has provided before they pull it off Youtube and sell the course on Udemy! for which I would still pay for it. I would urge all who benefit from this tutorial to subscribe to this channel and hit the like button. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and knowledge, very very very informative.

  4. Is there a way that you can add keywords but not use the keywords that aren't provided? For example, if you have Nike shoes for sale but only want to send this to a northern state to peopel with low or middle income who dont run but like the shoe brand, would you A) add 3 previous keywords from a list that is prebuilt from a form B) add 5 keywords once in the day then at night for a specific target to the shoe fan who may live somewhere else C) Add a bid strategy for ONLY the first clicks using the second completed ad but not using the included keywords from the list that google provides. Or lastly, would you compete with a lower level company to add more keywords into a seperate but just as effective add snippet? PS. I need to find out ASAP as possible as my grandmother is funding this endeavor and she does not have long to live. Just sayin…Anyway, on the second point I want clarify. It s like making things up or something.