In this tutorial, you’ll find out how to set-up Google Adwords Remarketing campaign. If you find this video helpful, please like and share.

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  1. Thanks so much. Way less intimidated. Liked and commented on the video you linked in the description as well! Two quick questions: 1) If you could give a word of advice to someone who has never coded trying to start a career in marketing, what would be the most pressing areas to address? 2) I forgot to comment this on your other (fantastic video), but is the coding changes you need to make to get rid of the white strip different if the site isn't wordpress based? Thanks!

  2. Hi Daniel, Thanks for the amazing video. I would like to ask you a question.
    In which page did you add the Remarketing Tag

    a) Do you have to add the remarketing tag to the Home Page?
    b) Or do you have to add the remarketing tag to the Home Page + Audit Page ?

    If I only add the remarketing tag to the home page, how would google know if the user has or hans't seen the Audit Page.

    Please do explain.
    Thank you again for the wonderful video.

  3. another great resource for free, very kind of you to explain what so many people over-charge to setup. The world of online marketing is a 💰 lucrative one, almost as easy & 💰 lucrative as the affiliated one 👍

  4. Hi . I had a query.

    If I want to put this tag via Google tag manager. Will trigger fire on this particular page or on all pages ?

    I think it will fire on all pages because if for instance have a new adwords audit page and want to to run remarketing there as well.

    Then it makes sense to for trigger on all pages .. ?