Learn how to set up a Google Adwords Campaign – Click http://bit.ly/1eJEK94 to see UPDATED version as of September 2013.

Call 614-538-1860 if you would like us to set up a basic new Adwords Account ($200-$500). We will apply a $100 Adwords coupon code for new U.S. Google Adwords accounts (has to be less than 15 days old). Includes up to 2 phone consults (30 min each).



  1. One Hundred Dollars Coupon? Here in Russia Google gives only 1000 Russian Rubles, which is now worth  about $25.  I am interested to manage ad compaigns for businesses in Russia and if I can use those $100 that you said you can help I would be much more compatitive for new businesses. Therefore, would you please help me to get those $100. Thank you.

  2. I have youtube videos. One video has 501 views. How do I benefit from Google adwords. After watching your video I'm not sure what the goal is? What are we trying to accomplish with Google adwords. Are we trying to communicate a seminar we have in a certain date in the future. Or is it a product we have for sale. Meaning say our video generates traffic and then the adwords tell people to go somewhere to buy or order something we have such as a service or product.