The fact is, Google and SEO has evolved tremendously over the past couple of years and unless you’re using updated methods, traditional SEO could be hurting your website.

It’s true, bad SEO can hurt you!

Some SEOs use dodgy tactics to try and make a rubbish website rank — some of these tactics work short term (most of them don’t) but either way Google ends up squashing them with a single algorithm update.

So what is considered best practise when asking the question “how to SEO your website in 2014″… watch this video discover the best methods from the team at Melbourne SEO Services.

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  1. It's true: all goals start with an assessment! If you are able to point out what is needed, you’ll come up with the right plan to achieve your goals. The internet constantly changes and as entrepreneurs, we all have to catch up with its dynamism. 

  2. Can I have a blog page that  is filled with my content, links and other SEO criteria but have it redirected to my original website that is filled with only pictures that are links to my webstore and will it still rank? Basically a url that is SEO friendly but have it redirected to my original website that is not SEO friendly but looks good. Will I  be penalized or will it still rank in google search well? Or can I have  a blog page that is on my website but hidden so the public cannot link to it but search engines can view it and push traffic to my website? I just want to find a hidden way to drive traffic without sacrificing the look of the website. thank you and great video.

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