How to Rank Videos on YouTube and Get More Views: How to Rank on YouTube Search with Search Friendly Titles and Clickable Thumbnails: At CVX LIVE 2017 I spoke about YouTube SEO and Ranking on YouTube and the importance of YouTube Thumbnails.

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Ranking on YouTube and Growing a YouTube Channel Depends on 2 Important things other than your content: Searchable Titles and Metadata and Clickable Thumbnails.

Optimizing the Data of your channel is How to Rank on YouTube. Optimizing Your Thumbnails are going to make people click and watch your videos. After that, you have to have good content. Nobody knows what your content is if you don’t have an interesting title and an accurate but interesting thumbnail. So quality content isn’t enough, though it is what makes people stay and subscribe.

If you want grow your YouTube Channel this is essential.






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  1. Hey Roberto!

    You've really helped my YouTube process a lot by making it fun to study myself. Study what I want to fix, what I'm great at, what I don't enjoy, what people respond to. It's become a much better process for me, you were the perfect "mentor" to find as someone who needs to have diversified income and interests to be in my best state. I recently did a Micro-Influencer Monday video where I talked about Quality and Quantity in the Influencer space. I spoke about your channel specifically and how using only a 10% of he knowledge you have provided has helped me grow and stay on top and in front of my growth, as well as helped set me free from
    overthinking and allow myself to let my voice and thoughts be heard. Thank you!

  2. I somehow managed to milk this video throughout the day… Loved the tips!
    I don't use Photoshop for my thumbnails, although I did recently purchase Picmokey's Royale version (was kinda forced into it, actually… since they've changed things!). I know it's not as good as Photoshop, but I've found the freedom of all of it's Royale tools to be pretty fun to tinker with. Thinking of updating some thumbnails slowly, since you've made it clear how vital they are for channel growth! 😊

  3. Roberto, do these rules work for micro-sized channels like mine (most of us)? Even if I tag perfectly and have a fantastic thumbnail, will I even place in anyone's searches whatsoever if my videos only get >30 views by themselves in a day from subscribers? After the first few days aren't my videos sort of trapped by the algorithm in the deep dark youtube ether?

  4. Hey Roberto thankyou for your precious teachings. Sir I am doing everything suggested but still my videos are not getting ranked at all. I think my thumbnails and title are good. Problem is ranking. Please help me.

  5. Hi Roberto, another great video! Thank you!

    A quick question for you if you don't mind. When you are just starting a new channel, is it wise to upload videos every day for a month or two, to boost the channel and populate with content. And then, in a couple of months slow down a bit (to 3-4 times a week) to keep the quality and consistency up? Or it is better to start slow and consistent from the start and then increase the frequency of updates with time?

  6. Really informative! Love ur content Roberto! I always used to watch you then I stopped YouTube for a year and a started a new channel. On my other YouTube channel I had one video that had around 45k views thanks to you and your seo tips. 🙂

  7. Roberto! what suggestions would you have for a general comedy channel? we do satire sketches, podcasts, challenges, sometimes even gaming. We are simply a place for viewers to come and have a laugh, how would we build a community around this? Thank you so much.