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How To Profit With PPC Marketing With A Small Budget – Vince Reed

Looking to build a business with PPC marketing. This video will help you master ppc advertising with a small budget.



  1. FACT: Unless you have deep pockets, don't throw away money on ad campaigns because your competitors will simply "click" you into submission. PPC ads are controlled not by google but by big money advertisers. The only hope for small business is the organic route which takes many years and seldom produces sufficient monetary results.

  2. This is some great info but it doesn't go into detail here. And it isn't meant to. Let me just say, People that are claiming to be so successful have a full back end and have tons of content all over the web. They've worked for it or had a lot of help and a lot of money to invest but only after they've learned what works. They have done what others are not willing to do. I don't believe traffic that converts can be created like this for anybody. It takes time and lots of work. That doesn't sell though. If you're just starting out I would create as much content as I can, then and maybe then people can gets traffic that converts after a lot of other work but it's worth it. Converting leads to sales means people have to get to know you, trust you and realize that you can help them. This comes with time and learning what works and what diesnt. For instance, anybody that wants to promote this product on Youtube might as well forget it, Vince along with a few others probably has Youtube dominated for whatever system hes selling already. What works for one person never works for anybody else. People have different everything and need a unique business. Even if you copy his whole funnel word for word it still wont work. Why, because a business has to have a foundation of expertise instead of some traffic system. I'm sure he is successful (maybe not who knows) because he has a lot more than being part of a network marketing company. Just my take.

  3. Recommended by Tim Hillian from MOBE. Point Vince was trying to drive and the point Tim was trying to reinforce is maximizing that targeted ( 97% ) of the leads out of that 100.0 that didn't convert. Its the list..remember ! So you only got 3% conversion but you just bought 97 future customers that will covert later if targeted correctly.